A health campaigner and member of Salford’s Green Party has attacked pollution rates in the region.

Bryan Blears says levels of air pollution in Salford are a direct cause of ill health.

“The dirty air in Salford is causing ill health in the area with many more complaints of respiratory problems,” said Blears, who was on a shortlist to contest the Swinton South ward for the Labour Party in 2017 but now stands for the Green Party.

“The amount of children who suffer from asthma is on the increase in Salford.”

“Salford had the second highest rates of air pollution in Europe.”

Mr Blears welcomed new initiatives to encourage people to use the Metro Link, public transport and other modes of transport.

The 2017 annual report from Clean Air Greater Manchester found that Salford has one of the worst levels of pollution in the UK.

And according to the World Health Organisation the levels of particulate matter – pollution from car exhausts – in areas of Greater Manchester and in particular Salford – exceed the limits that they deem to be safe.

Walkden North Councillor Sammie Bellamy says the council is looking at this issue.

“Areas like Swinton and Peel Green will be greatly affected due to their close proximity to the motorway,” she said.

Cllr Bellamy added the issue is “much worse” than it was twenty years ago.

Ms Bellamy has said that the issue regarding pollution in the city has been mentioned frequently during recent meetings with the council.

Currently the council is using monitors which are located in Eccles and Worsley.

She added: “These have been put in place to read particle levels.”

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