salford ninja

The Salford Red Devils looked to hone their skills and agility yesterday at the TotalNinja obstacle course ahead of International Ninja Day.

International Ninja Day takes place on the 5th of December and has done so since 2003. This fun holiday takes place to commemorate the elusive and legendary Ninja.

Anyone with a passion for the history of Ninjas is urged to celebrate by wearing all black and/or watching one of the countless Ninja themed movies.

While the original Ninja specialized in espionage and even assassination, Salford Red Devils activity on their day out wasn’t quite as ‘cloak and dagger’.


salford ninja
Salford Red Devil’s players tackling the course

Coach Ian Watson took the Red Devils to TotalNinja to complete the course as a team building exercise now that their pre-season training is in full force.

The players, who were split in to four teams enjoyed an action packed day of tackling all sorts of obstacles on a number of courses.

“We had a great morning down at TotalNinja at Trafford Park”, explained coach Ian Watson,

“We wanted to move out of our normal routine of doing the rugby stuff really to do a little bit of team spirit and team building stuff.”

salford ninja

The Rugby League side face Wigan Warriors in a pre-season friendly at the end of January before beginning their season against away at Huddersfield Giants on the 1st of February. The team will continue to prepare until then.

“We have a lot of defensive stuff and a lot of contact stuff coming in to the field sessions this week as well as an alternative for the lifting program.” said Watson.

TotalNinja are also offering 20% discount for anyone who would like to go down and spend International Ninja Day at the UK’s largest Ninja Training Park.

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