Keith McAvoy - Seven Bro7hers Owner

Salford based brewery Seven Bro7hers have joined up with Kellogg’s UK to turn ‘ugly’ cornflakes into breakfast inspired IPA’s.

They are creating three cereal brews, the first is named ‘Throw Away IPA’ and has been on sale this week at The Dockyard in Salford.

Cornflakes inspired beer Throw Away IPA
Cornflakes inspired beer Throw Away IPA

These limited-edition IPA’s contain cornflakes that didn’t make it through Kellogg’s rigorous quality control and would usually end up as animal feed.

Thanks to Seven Bro7hers these unwanted flakes are now being transformed into a unique beverage.

Keith McAvoy, joint Seven Bro7hers owner, spoke to Salford Now about their new creation, he said: “The project with Kellogg’s came about after we made a beer in collaboration with another brewing company called ‘Corn-Shake’.”

Corn-shake was brewed by the Seven Bro7hers alongside Manchester bar BrewDog. The IPA, created for Manchester Beer Week 2018, was made using Kellogg’s cornflakes.

He continued: “A few days later we had a phone call from Kellogg’s, we thought there was going to be an issue but what they wanted was for us to collaborate officially.

Cornflake beer Throw Away IPA. Image credit: Kellogg's UK
Cornflake beer Throw Away IPA. Image credit: Kellogg’s UK

“The cornflakes we’re using are the flakes that don’t actually make it into the cereal boxes, you could call it ‘ugly cereal’. It’s the flakes that are either crushed, too big or clumped together that would otherwise go to waste.”

Throw Away IPA may not be like an average beer, but the brewers have managed to create the typical golden colour that you expect from an IPA.

Talking about the recipe and process of creating this unique brew, Keith said: “They (the brewers) sat down and put together the best possible combination of hops, barley and the right amount of cornflakes to get that cornflake taste.

“The process isn’t that different to making a regular IPA without the cornflakes in, they go straight into the mash and are left there so that we can get all of the malty goodness coming out of the cornflake.”

Seven Bro7hers are currently selling Throw Away IPA at their beer houses in Media City, Salford and Ancoats, Manchester.

They will also be selling the products online, in some selected outlets in Manchester and via some beer clubs.

10p of each sale of Throw Away IPA will be donated to food distribution charity FareShare.

The Dockyard in Media City received their first batch of the cereal-based brew on Monday and due to its popularity had sold out by Wednesday afternoon.

Keith told us about the taste: “It tastes amazing, it’s absolutely delicious. It’s crisp and there’s a definite point of difference with this IPA than the others that we’ve made previously.”

Listen to all of Keith’s interview below:

Kellogg’s reached out to the Seven Bro7hers brewery about this project as they were looking for a unique way to reduce food waste.

Kate Prince, social responsibility manager for Kellogg’s UK said: “Kellogg’s is always exploring different and sustainable ways to reduce food waste in its factories. So it is great to be involved in such a fun initiative with a local supplier.”

Throw Away IPA will be available to buy soon on the Seven Bro7hers brewery website.

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