A University of Salford librarian has run in the annual Santa Dash – dressed as the university’s emblem mascot.

The University Santa Dash took place this (Friday) afternoon, from 12:30pm. Senior librarian Stephen Carlton chose to run the dash in the mascot costume after wanting to do something different. He also wanted to see the mascot representing the university in the race.

He said: “I’m a long time admirer of the logo, we have seen it around events the last couple of years and I thought it would be nice to see it at the Santa Dash.

“I’m leaving the university in a few weeks, so I wanted to go out with a bang.”

The logo mascot in the library, prior to the race.

After spakieng to members of the university’s staff, he managed to get the mascot in time for the dash.

The annual Santa Dash raises funds for a different charity every year. This year, Salford homelessness charity Emmaus is the official charity of the year.

Since starting his JustGiving account two days ago, Mr Carlton has so far raised £135 for Emmaus charity. If you wish to donate any money to his dash, it will be open for a couple more days.

He said: “I think in this economic climate, charities are struggling to get funding as it is, so every little helps really.

“Hopefully the £135 I have raised so far will help the charity.”

This is first time that Stephen has run in any type of costume, having practiced in the university building only a few days ago. He walked for most of the dash.

Before the run, he said: “We have estimated a 30 to 40 minute time, but I do think that there is a steep hill on the way up past the Maxwell building.

“You may find me lying down around that area.”

The Santa Dash is annual event at The University of Salford. To find out more, keep an eye out on the university website.

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