Mental health in Salford has been at its worst.

Around 42,000 people living in Salford have been diagnosed with some type of mental illness. This includes 6,000 children who are affected with mental disorders such as dyslexia and ADHD. According to Salford CCG, the Salford Royal Infirmary treats around 650 patients a year who have intended self-harm and an average of 60 patients a year die from suicide.

Kelly Welsh – Mental Health Activist

Kelly Walsh, a Salford based mentor and mental health coach, has suffered with mental illness since childhood.

Her father was also a victim of mental illness and committed suicide in 2015.

She is now the founder of Positivity Power Movement which aims to create positive power for people all across the world. She coaches people who are struggling with mental illness and uses her experience of surviving suicide as a strength that empowers her.

She also has a huge focus on children, her objective is to make sure that children all across the world are loved, nurtured, protected and have their basic needs met in relation to food, clean water, housing and education.

‘I’ve been on that healing journey since I came back from the hospital.’

Her healing journey from committing suicide till date has not been easy. She claims that we are all somehow affected by mental illness during our lifetime.

Kelly believes more needs to be done for spiritual health, as mental, physical and spiritual health are interconnected, and in order to heal fully, spiritual health must be taken into consideration. She had an out of body experience after attempting to commit suicide which led her to believe that her life had a purpose. Inspired by her experience, she now helps others to overcome their mental illnesses including children and the elderly.


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