Green Party candidate Wendy Olsen believes that an amnesty should be held for businesses to dispose of waste properly to help solve the fly-tipping problem in Salford.

Speaking exclusively to Salford Now, this is what the Green Party candidate for Council in Irwell Riverside in Salford had to say:

There have been a number of reports on Twitter in recent months relating to waste in the streets in Salford.

We were also alerted to the following Facebook link, appearing to show a large amount of waste left on Fiddlers Lane.

We also asked about fly-tipping in the City, and received this complaint from local resident Val Boardman. She claims to have seen first hand, everything from Childrens toys to mattresses in the streets in Salford.

Councillor David Lancaster, lead member for environment and community safety, responded by saying: “Fly tipping is totally unnecessary, it’s  anti social and wastes public money.

“Over the past few years we have successfully prosecuted 56 offenders for 66 offences (some committed more than one offence) resulting in total fines and compensation of over £58,500 and we have more cases in the pipeline.

“We have had some good results but I would like to see the courts applying the maximum penalty to send a clear message that fly-tipping is unacceptable.

“We use CCTV cameras and information from members of the public as well as detection work to track down and bring offenders to justice.”

Councillor Lancaster disputed that all complaints to the council were in regard to fly-tipping, instead claiming that bags of waste left beside bins were often mistaken for fly-tipping. 

“If people use the bin system correctly, shop carefully to reduce waste and recycle everything they can there is no need at all to leave bags of rubbish beside bins, prompting complaints from their neighbours and making the city look untidy. Food and garden waste is collected weekly and plastic bottles, cans and glass, paper and card including catalogues are collected fortnightly and recycling helps save the council money to protect services.”

Full details of how to dispose of waste can be found online.

Do you agree with the idea of an amnesty to try and reduce fly-tipping, or do you agree with Salford City Council that if people use the bins correctly it will not be as big of an issue?

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  1. Alan Henry whitehead

    Hi I noticed your post regarding fly tipping around Salford.We have a major issue on chat moss in irlam/cadishead,we have created a Facebook page called CHAT MOSS please feel free to follow our page to see the existent of the problem we occur on a daily basis.

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