A representative from the UK offices of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars made a visit today to Lewis Street Primary in Eccles to encourage young children to play American Football as well as be active in sport.

The Florida based franchise, owned by Fulham owner Shahid Khan, have put down major roots in the UK and have played multiple times in London as part of the NFL’s London Series of overseas games.

The Jaguars have played six times in the United Kingdom since 2013, and will play additional home matches in London in both 2019 and 2020.

As part of hosting home games in London for a long period of time, the Jaguars have also set up a year round “Jaguars in the Community” service that provides community events across the country to bring the sport to new children and new NFL fans.

Instead of introducing the sport to children in its full and violent self, the Jaguars have come up with the “JagTag” initiative when speaking to youth in the United Kingdom.

“JagTag” is a simplified version of American Football which focuses on throwing, catching, evading and defending instead of the tackling and hitting that one may see when watching an NFL game.

By introducing JagTag to Lewis Street Primary in Eccles, it allowed students to get active in a fun way.

With the growing popularity of the sport and the addition of more NFL games per season in London, rumors have been swirling that a future NFL franchise in London is possible in the not to distant future.

Many in the United States believe that the Jaguars would be a prime candidate to be that franchise, considering Jacksonville’s relatively small market and attendance woes over the last decade.

Those relocation rumor’s went into overdrive when owner Shahid Khan attempted to purchase Wembley Stadium from the Football Association.

Even though the takeover was not approved, the the event highlighted the rising popularity of the NFL in the United Kingdom.

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