The removal of debris from the waters of MediaCityUK has been stopped by Salford City Council in order to prevent possible flooding.

The council had begun to remove litter that his been floating in the water in recent weeks causing an eye sore for visitors and even preventing water sports events from taking place.

70 Tonnes of Litter has already been removed from the waters located at Salford Quays, however much more remains to be cleared. the Council however have halted attempts to do this.

It is claimed that the work has stopped in order for crucial flood prevention work to take place.

Councillor David Lancaster, Lead Member for Environment and Community Safety at Salford City Council assured that the work will be done to make the waters clean again but preventing flooding is the priority. He said:

“We’ve had a very wet March with lots of torrential rain from Storm Gareth. Five local rivers drain into the Quays so natural and other debris caught up in those rivers is washed down and accumulates in the Quays.

“We have so far removed 70 tonnes of debris from outside the Helly Hansen Watersports Sport Centre – a part of the waters we are responsible for.

“Unfortunately the removal of debris has had to stop to clear the sluices as there is potential for flooding if this does not happen. Works to remove debris will then continue – we expect from 1 April.

“Ownership of the Quays is split between a number of parties including the council and private companies. We constantly monitor the situation and work with our partners to get debris removed as necessary.”

Just recently the University of Salford’s Rowing team had to move their race against rivals Chester indoors due to the poor condition of the waters. The decision frustrated competitors and supporters alike, with many angry at the amount of litter in the water.

Debris in water stops Media City race

Work is set to begin again on removing the waste on April 1st.

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  1. Chris Graham

    Who is responsible for cleaning the mass of rubbish at Clippers Quay. It gets overlooked whilst mediacity and HH Water sports is cleared regularly.

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