A book, titled Mr Alzheimers, has been released into five schools in Salford to teach children about alzheimer’s and dementia.

The idea for Mr Alzheimer’s was created by Joy Watson who had first created a teddy for her children to teach them about what was happening to their granny.

In January 2017 the idea blossomed and two pilot schools were introduced to the giant teddy who was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Emma Smith, who helped to launch the campaign, said: “We wanted people to talk about dementia form a children’s point of view.

If they are affected by dementia we found it helped them and if they weren’t affected it still worked in spreading awareness.”

School children taking Mr Alzheimer’s home wrote in the diary provided with him so he would not forget where he had been.

Mr Alzheimer’s has now transformed and he comes with his own book and an introduction card for children to take home with them.

The book tells a story about Mr Alzheimer’s trip to Toyland and it includes an explanation of why he was doing the things he did in the book, to help children understand dementia further.

Emma added: “It is a really nice way to talk about dementia that isn’t frightening to kids, it explains it in such a simple way.”

Emma also explained that children with extra educational needs were also helped: “Thinking about taking Mr Alzheimer’s home has got them through a really tough day.”

A sewing group has now been set up to create the Mr Alzheimer’s teddy, that comes with the book, on the 14th June at the Humphrey Booth Resource Centre.

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  1. Ronnie Hall

    I have just seen an item on BBC news about this project, and the lady who present it to schools, and then the “OUR RAY of SUNSHINE AWARD” and I just had to seek you out and tell you that the award could not have gone to a more deserving person, I have nothing but the utmost respect for what you do, you certainly brought a MASSIVE Ray of Sunshine in to my day/life, thank you for being there for everyone

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