Salford Royal Hospital held the first Salford staff and student Oscars, showcasing student’s excellence, on the 18th of October.

Held at the Salford Clinical education campus, medical students on placement in Salford Royal, Wigan, Oldham and other Greater Manchester hospitals, presented research they conducted.

Professor Jacqueline Lavin, who hosted the awards, said: “There’s a massive amount of work that the students put into this and there’s really high-quality research and work that they’ve done today.

“A lot of them have continued to work on the projects even after they’ve finished that part of their course and so they’ve managed to continue researching alongside their medical studies. So, they’re all really shining examples of excellence and sparkling futures.”

Students in their third year of medicine have the opportunity to embark on a research project, some of which took up to 12 months to put together and were based on various topics including  infectious diseases, genetics, and mental health.

Thomas Jordan, winner of the 2019 oral presentation award said: “I used to suffer quite a lot from a stammer and doing something like this would be my worst nightmare and by doing this work that I’m quite passionate about has really helped me.”

Lydia Isted, a 5th year medicine student at the University of Manchester, continued her research after the allocated 10 weeks in her third year at university.

She explored the link between blood results to see if it affected levels of anxiety and depression for people who had had a brain bleed.

She said: “It was interesting going to conferences and making it into a poster format because you have to condense 10 weeks of work into one piece of paper.”

The poster of Lydia’s work was presented at several conferences which led her to win an award at the Salford staff and student awards.


Staff were also awarded for their contribution to the hospital and to the students.

Dr Chris Brookes, group medical director at the Northern Care Alliance which Salford Royal is a part of, presented these awards.

Professor Jacqueline Lavin said: “We had the most appreciated consultant and best teacher, most appreciated foundation doctor and specialty doctor.

“We’ve had the student presentation, but we haven’t acknowledged staff in this way before and that was marvelous to see today.”

For some students, the awards were an opportunity to showcase their work to leading professionals in Salford.

Many of them were in their final year of medicine and about to further their medical training.

The Salford Clinical education campus hope that these awards can be an annual event to showcase the excellent work of staff and students across Greater Manchester and especially in Salford.

Professor Jacqueline Lavin said: “It’s been a wonderful celebration of everybody working together in very difficult nhs times when there are lots of pressures, but despite that, people are committed to ensuring that our future doctors receive the best possible education and we hope that they will want to stay in Greater Manchester and deliver health care into the future.”


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