Paul Whiteside of the Devil in the Detail podcast emerged victorious in his recent fight and wants another outing to continue to help charity.

Alongside his co-host Rob Parkinson, Whiteside presents the Salford Red Devils dedicated podcast which has become hugely popular over the last year due to the success of the underdog rugby league club. This has made him very well liked in the local community, and, with over one thousand weekly listeners, his name has become one that is synonymous with the club in the Salford area.

Whiteside’s last fight was at the AJ Bell stadium, the same venue where his beloved rugby club play their home fixtures.

Whiteside, who loves boxing, said: “Boxing is an addiction, I love the training and pushing myself in the gym.”

With the fan base which he has gathered through rugby podcasting, he has been able to gain a large amount of support for his boxing bouts. Alongside boosting morale, the support is extremely important as the money generated from the ticket sales goes towards charity. This is also something close to Whiteside’s heart

He added: “It’s nice to get support and kind words off people, boxing for charity makes it even more worthwhile as you’re doing it for someone who needs you”

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(Whiteside in action, image courtesy Whiteside)

Somebody who is extra proud of Whiteside is his co-host Rob Parkinson who really rates his friend’s abilities in the ring and shows huge admiration for the support that he has received.

He said: “What can you say about Paul Whiteside’s boxing? Fantastic jab, great with his feet as well, the people of Salford and the people who listen to the Devil in the Detail podcast have really got behind him, he sells out his entire allocation for the tickets.”

Parkinson claims the reason why the fans have really supported him during his adventure into the sweet science of boxing is due to Whiteside’s character.

He added: “He’s such a nice bloke as well, he’ll talk to anybody.”


(Whiteside with coach, Brian, image courtesy Whiteside)

After he started competing in boxing, Whiteside had a record of two losses and one draw, but subsequently, having had three victories on the bounce, he’s turned his resume into a positive one. This has all been made possible with the help of his trainer Brian who helped him prepare him for the fight.

Whiteside said: “I had a really good training camp where I sparred with plenty of different fighters in the build-up, which prepared me for anything that was thrown my way on fight night.”

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(Pound4Pound boxing’s promotional poster, image courtesy Whiteside)

Whiteside has raised money for cancer in the past, but his last bout promoted by Pound4Pound promotions raised money and awareness for Mind, a mental health charity which helps those going through anxiety, depression and other forms of mental health problems. Despite already doing his bit for charity, Whiteside intends to do even more to help whichever organisation he fights for next.

Whiteside said: “I might advertise a bit more and hopefully raise a bit more money.”

Whiteside, who is now back in the gym, intends to start his training camp for another fight in early 2020. Whenever that date is announced, it’s sure to be one that grips the local Salford community and results in a successful evening for charity.

For more information on Mind, go to their website.

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