The £365 million application includes outdoor swimming baths, floating gardens, 1,500 apartments and a 48-storey tower but no affordable housing due to Salford City Council’s housing policy.

Cotton Quay will house Salford’s tallest building and will also include two hotels, a playground, a climbing wall, a green roof and floating gardens, two bridges and two heated swimming pools.

Whilst the plans look exciting and ambitious, the Salford community have mixed views, especially because the developer has no obligation to provide affordable housing.

Claire Whitaker, 32, Salford said: “Affordable housing is definitely more important than playgrounds and swimming pools and fancy apartments. If you haven’t got somewhere to live, you can’t really afford luxuries and the Council need to be putting more into affordable housing in Salford.”

Alan Burring, 68, Eccles, said: “They are interesting plans, but I wouldn’t like to be the owner of any of the properties on the quay either side, that will suddenly be loomed over by a 48-story tower!”

Salford City Council’s own planning policy deems that no affordable housing must be handed over by developers for high density apartment schemes in ‘high value’ areas such as Salford Quays and MediaCityUK.

Cotton Quay is located within a level 2 Flood Zone which carries a medium risk of flooding, as a result of being surrounded by water to the North, South and West. The site currently has two existing buildings: Laser House and Magnetic House, which will be demolished.

This development is one of the largest in the pipeline in Greater Manchester. Cotton quay is  targeted for Spring 2020, however, it is likely to be delivered on a phased basis.

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