Trees are being planted around Salford to celebrate national tree week and tackle climate change.

In conjunction with Tomorrow Media City, City of Trees MCR planted 500 trees in The Green, Clifton earlier this week.

BBC, Carbon Creative, Fuzzy Duck, JTI, Mason Advisory and Peel Media were all involved.

Carbon Creative – Photo Credit: Kate Hadfield

Kate Hadfield from Carbon Creative, who were involved in the tree planting, said: “Trees are our biggest hope in tackling the climate emergency the planet faces, they are essential for storing carbon and cleaning the air we breathe.

“By planting as many trees as possible, alongside reducing and controlling carbon emissions, there is still hope for the future – for both the planet and humanity.”

Carbon Creative has just donated 4,000 trees to be planted across Salford and Greater Manchester as part of their scheme which has been running since 2006.

Ms Hadfield said:

“The benefits of trees are endless, from helping to prevent flooding to providing homes to countless wildlife habitats, they are one of the most crucial and beautiful parts of our environment, that also help shape the character of our communities.”

They are planning to plant even more trees this saturday.

City of Trees MCR are aiming to plant three million trees over Greater Manchester, one for every person.

We are planting trees that will contribute to Greater Manchester becoming carbon neutral by 2038.

-City of Trees MCR

They have planted 35,000 trees and engaged over 2,000 local volunteers in Salford since 2006.

They also believe in reconnecting people to the trees and woods around them to create healthier, happier communities.

A spokesperson from the Salford Ranger team confirmed that 400 whips (young trees) have been planted in Clifton Country Park and 300 in Worsley Woods by Salford Voluntary Rangers.

The planting of trees in Salford will contribute to Salford City Council’s climate change strategy which emphasises carbon reduction, climate adaptation and behavioural change.

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