Plans to build a trio block of towers in Salford have been unveiled as part of a mass regeneration scheme to the town. 

The project, led by Renaker Build, is part of the Greengate scheme. It is the latest development towards Salford City Council’s 2040 vision to improve the Greengate area.

Greengate was the medieval heart of the city of Salford and lies on the Salford Manchester border.

The red outline shows the area of the Greengate scheme.

It comprises of 13 hectares. Strategically located on land bound by the River Irwell, Victoria Bridge Street, Blackfriars Road and Trinity Way.

Image credit: Salford council


The council’s 2040 vision is to give these parts of Salford a huge face lift and for it to become ‘a distinctive place to live, work and visit’.

This is where houses have been demolished to make way for the regeneration.

Image credit: Doug Roworth

Salford City Council took over the regeneration strategy from a previous re generation framework with the view of a comprehensive delivery of development within the Greengate area.

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