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Thriving and rowdy, Dirty Laces performed their brand new upcoming single last Saturday blowing fans away with a performance of the new indie rocker ‘YOU’ at the Salford Lads’ Club.

The Manchester-based band has already been causing waves this year, bagging slots in some of the year’s major festivals such as Neighbourhood Weekend. To top all that, they performed as the headliners in the gig, organised by Happy Daze, at Salford Lads’ Club on December 7, with support from Cleargreen and Bines.

The band took a trip down to the hills of Ffestiniog, Wales in early November this year with the main idea to write new music. The idea of writing YOU occurred during that trip. And the band decided to perform it at this iconic venue initially before they officially launch it.

This track is certainly significant for the Laces as it celebrates two years since the band has come together.

Charlie Jordan, the band’s lead vocalist said: “It’s been a wild journey writing this song in the hills of Ffestiniog. We’re excited with what we’ve created in four days and can’t wait for you all to hear it.”

He added: “The new single has 7 different sections to it, good vibrations, drum rolls and everything. It’s quite a mature song and we’ll be recording it soon.”

The band’s bassist, Thomas Edwards said: “The brand new YOU is all about groovy and psychedelic elements added to it.”

“It’s one of the best works that we’ve written and performed…I think. We just need to refine everything,” he added.

Unlike all other tracks released by the band, YOU will be a comparatively long seven-minute song. It will portray a different direction of the rock and roll music with so many different elements of jamming added to it. The jam itself is also unique and uncommon.

Jordan Diggle, the owner of Happy Daze said: “Performing the song at the iconic place such as Salford Lads’ Club is an honour for the band. It will open up many great opportunities for them and myself too, frankly.”

More upcoming shows are set to take place before New Year around the country, with some surprises along the way. Make sure to keep an eye out for them.

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