The government has promised to deliver an extra £4.3m to Greater Manchester authorities to help with supporting the homeless.

Salford is to receive almost a third of this, with Salford City Council claiming £1.3m through the scheme.

The funding will be especially helpful in Salford, as between 2013 and 2018 homelessness here grew by 600 per cent.

The extra funding will be used to provide rough sleepers with a place to stay, access to mental health and addiction facilities, and social care, along with helping them to find permanent accommodation.

This comes after government figures revealed that homelessness in Manchester rose by a third last year.

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Deputy leader for Manchester City, Coun Sue Murphy told The Manchester Evening News that she welcomed the funding boost from a government ‘waking up to the reality’ that councils need urgent investment ‘after a decade of ‘under-funding’.

“This is not ‘new’ money, but a continuation of funding for services that are being run by the council.

“The council will always welcome extra funding following a decade of austerity, but we have to stress that if the government is serious about ending the homelessness crisis we need more from them”, she said.

This is how the remainder of the £4.3m will be split across Greater Manchester:

Bolton – £124,997
Bury – £40,000
Oldham – £37,000
Manchester – £724,212
Rochdale – £32,029
Stockport – £40,000
Tameside – £471,500
Trafford – £40,000
Wigan – £728,086

The UK will receive a total of £122m through the Rough Sleeping initiative this year, a 30 per cent increase on the previous year.

This money will help towards employing 2,500 more support staff and up to 6,000 new bed spaces, according to the government.

Robert Jenrick, secretary of state for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, spoke to the Manchester Evening News and said: “No one should have to face a night on the street and we have a moral duty to support those who need help the most.

“It is encouraging to see more people getting the support they need, but there is always more to do.”

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