The Salford Sleepout has recently been cancelled due to the on-going coronavirus outbreak.

The University of Salford were due to be supporting Narrowgate Homeless shelter and the charity Salford 4 Good charity on March 20th at the Maxwell Hall (outside) at the Big Salford Sleepout to raise awareness for the homeless and anyone who is not bless with having necessities such as, food, clothing, shelter, etc.

After the huge panic on the 2019-2020 Corona-virus pandemic, the event has been cancelled.

The reason for this was due to public concerns and fears of this event being an open call to increase potential risks of getting infected.

As it stands at the moment, there are 24 confirmed Corona-virus cases in Greater Manchester, yet Salford is the only city that has not yet been affected by the Virus so residents are willing to continue this trend and remain COVID-19 Free.

sleepout cancelled
Covid cases in Salford

A meeting is taking place in the next couple of days according to one of the Salford Sleepout representatives to discuss what is going to happen next following this upsetting cancellation of this good cause event.

As of now, the donation page is still up and running but all promotion of the Big Sleepout has been seized.

People are still being encouraged to donate and help through the website and donation page.

This event being cancelled emphasizes the need to fight to reduce homelessness in Greater Manchester, people who would have been taking place in this event can now stay home and prevent themselves from the infectious disease, whereas those who this cause was initially for are still out in the streets at a very high risk of COVID-19, for this reason more requires to be done in order to assist homelessness in the city.

this is a call from the University of Salford, Narrowgate Homeless shelter, the charity Salford 4 Good and everyone else to stand together and help fight this cause.

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