The University of Salford Sustainability Team has organised a litter pick for Hedgehog Awareness Week.

The event will take place on Wednesday May 5 from 4-5 pm from outside the Peel Park student accommodation.

The event is open to anyone who is interested not just students. Equipment will be provided but pickers are asked to bring their own gloves.

It is a new initiative to make the area safer for wildlife in the city, particularly hedgehogs, who can be seriously hurt by litter.

Marta Strzelecka, the environmental coordinator for the sustainability team, said: “Hedgehog numbers have decreased in recent years and this is partly because of litter.

“As they move into urban areas like cities there is a risk of them eating the litter and mistaking it for food.”

Hedgehog Awareness Week was started by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the Team decided this year it was time for Salford to get involved.

Salford is abundant in wildlife due to the number of green spaces in the city, especially around the University Campus.

Miss Strzelecka also informed us of actions people can be taking themselves to help out the local wildlife.

She stated: “One thing people can be doing is making their garden and backyard safe for hedgehogs. You can leave out a dish of water or a tiny bit of hedgehog food.

“You can cut a hole in your garden fence which is known as Hedgehog Highway this allows the hedgehog to escape if it is wanting to go somewhere else.”


Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, the team has faced some challenges recently but they have been able to organise events online that have been very well received.

Yet as the restrictions are being gradually lifted in the UK the team hopes to be hosting in-person events in the coming months.

For anyone wanting to take part in the Litter Pick the link to sign up is here: .

Sign-up for the event is also available through Facebook and other social media.

Check out the full interview with Marta Strezelecka below to find out more about Hedgehog Awareness Week and the Litter Pick event.

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