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Credit: Salford Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrat campaigner, Alex Warren, discusses his loss of the election as he sets future plans to further help the community. 

After losing the election by only 108 votes, Alex Warren stated: “It was my intention to if I did get on the council, to organise groups of people in the local area to go out and do clean ups.

“As much as I didn’t get elected I will still be putting my plan in place”. 

“Sometimes its more about what you can give than what you can get back”.

With the Clean up the Quays campaign, the Salford Liberal Democrats hope for a Cleaner and Greener city.

With several clean-ups which have already been organised, they aim to make the Quays a nicer space for the community as they state “the litter problem has gone on too long”.

Credit: Salford Liberal Democrats

Warren spoke further about his future plans within the community: “What we wanna do is create nature reserves on the ship canal. 

“Its not been done before in Salford and if its a success I’d like to roll it out across Greater Manchester.

“It’s important to develop the environment for nature and give nature a home in our cities.”

Credit: Salford Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats, however, have gained their first councillor for the city of Salford in 11 years.

Kersal candidate, Avrohom Walter, takes the only Liberal-Democrat seat as Labour take fifty-two seats, leaving the Conservatives with seven.

To find out more about The Salford Liberal Democrat’s plans visit:

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