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Why Not bar and cafe, based in Boothstown, Worsley, has won the most unique pub in Britain award, voted for by the Daily Star’s Great British Booze Off.

The Boothstown bar was firstly nominated in the most unusual/unique pub category and then found its way into the top five alongside venues in Nottingham all the way to Eastbourne, finding out Why Not had won just a matter of weeks ago.

They describe themselves as having a great quirky feel with bags of atmosphere.

Since opening almost four years ago, Colin Shannon, owner and manager, says that Why Not? remains a family run business; working with his daughter, son and niece, Colin also has four other staff members all who have been with him since day one.

Why Not? has a big personality and the staff are just one of the many things that keeps the atmosphere alive and inviting.

“It also the customers we get in, they are characters, and we do like characters and there’s a lot of them,” Colin said.

Photo Credit: Natalie Snape
Photo Credit: Natalie Snape


The pub itself is a converted terraced house therefore it is narrower than most bars but the pandemic allowed the perfect time to renovate the garden so Why Not? had more space overall.

Colin joked: “We have utilised every inch of space, there’s no more expansion unless I go up!”

He explained that if the venue was any bigger it wouldn’t have the same feel, the size is what gives them a ‘unique vibe’.




The open mic nights, which are Colin’s personal favourite, have been extremely successful before the pandemic and Why Not? is hoping they will be just as popular now.

The open mic nights are every Thursday followed by live music sessions on Saturday afternoons.

Why Not? is thankful for the musicians who keep coming in and out, some meet at the bar, write songs in the garden and some of the solo artists have even come together and collaborated to form a band.

“They’ve all promised they’ll still come when they become famous,” Colin joked.

During the pandemic, in a bid to remain open Why Not? opened up an artisan market selling the likes of SEVEN BRO7HERS Beer, FOUR SIS4ERS Gin alongside cheeses, crackers and pastas etc.

Colin says his next venture may well be opening up a deli in the village mirroring the market depending on properties.

Additionally, Why Not? is in the process of renovating their upstairs vinyl lounge into a Moroccan themed room with fabrics and cushions for a relaxing space, aiming to reopen the 1st week of September.

Why Not? is also hosting their ‘2020 St Patrick’s Day’ and the ‘2020 Christmas Party’ with costumes, decorations and DJs and they’re prepared for the autumn/winter season with heaters and a marquee for the back garden which will provide a roof and sides.

PrettyLittleThing shares Why Not?’s lockdown tiger loaf

Why Not?’s social media is a great asset to the bar, gaining reactions and responses from some high-profile pages such as The Manc, Secret Manchester and even Pretty Little Thing.

Throughout lockdown, Why Not? came up with brand new ideas such as the tiger bread, chip barm loaf covered in gravy which went ‘absolutely viral’.

You can find Why Not? via Facebook.


Why Not? is always coming up with new ways to remain interesting and unique, the team are so welcoming, even stopping to welcome their regulars, it’s no wonder they were nominated.

Colin, who has since been interviewed by Manchester TV and Radio 5, said the Daily Star’s title was an honour, and said he may have to have a rejig in order to fit the trophy when it arrives.

“Even just to be nominated was amazing, but to get the phone call saying we had won was fantastic, we all keep walking round saying we’re the most unique bar in Britain- how good’s that!” expressed Colin.


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