15-year-old Zykiah Ditchett began washing the cars of relatives and has since transformed his business into a Worsley celebrity carwash, with clients such as Gary Neville, Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague but says it “doesn’t feel real”.

He started his own car washing business Dirt2Clean after his family bought him a valeting set to help channel his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Photo credit: Zykiah Ditchett

Zykiah said: “I started cleaning family and friends’ cars and then we opened it up to neighbours. Then we put out a Facebook post and people were queueing down the street.

“It’s crazy, I didn’t even think that many people would want their car washing!”

Zykiah explained he has always had a love for cleaning and after his OCD diagnosis at age 13, he needed a way of distracting from his “constant” cleaning at home. He watched numerous videos online and taught himself how to properly valet cars.

Due to his success with his Worsley celebrity carwash, Zykiah was approached by Jason from Coal and Cotton gin bar in Worsley who offered him a permanent spot on weekends for his business in their venue car park. He has been based there for the past two years and feels that the location works great.

Zykiah said: “It helps because I love cleaning, so it’s a job that I love. It’s like a hobby instead of a job because I love what I do.”

Dirt2Clean operates only on weekends as Zykiah attends school during the week. In the future he hopes to expand the business and have bases across the UK in cities such as Liverpool, Birmingham, and London.

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