Plans for 300 new homes across the road from RHS Bridgewater is set to bring protests from local land protection agencies.

The 74 acre plot of land is considered a beauty spot and hub of wildlife by locals.

The blueprinted plans, called ‘Places for Everyone’ has been welcomed by 9/10 local authorities, with Stockport opting out.

However, after 2020 saw the end of a seven-year long battle between Peel and RAID (Residents Against Inappropriate Development) committee over the development of 600 homes in Broadoak, planners believe the blueprints could cause upset in the area.

After losing the case against RAID, Phil Wilson, Peel L&P’s Executive Director for Land, Communities, and Homebuilding, said: “However, we recognise this has become a sensitive issue and, with the passage of time and other priorities, we have decided not to pursue the Broadoak legal case further. We look forward to focusing our efforts elsewhere in the city.”

Speaking to the MEN, Robin Garrido, a leading member of RAID, said: “We have seen a huge number of houses being built in Boothstown. Only recently two estates have gone up with collectively 300 homes.

“There is no excuse for taking this piece of land. It is the last green lung between Worsley and Boothstown. There is an overwhelming need for it to remain to retain the character of the area and the quality of life.

“At the Broadoak inquiry we had a range of witnesses including psychiatrists, nurses, and doctors, saying how important to mental health was having a green lung so people could get out and walk on open land not just a footpath through an estate.”

A Salford Council report states that a ‘green buffer’ zone would be required.

The plans will be considered by Michael Gove in 2022.


  1. Leave our Green belt land alone. Their cannot be a Salfordian that doesn’t ‘cringe’ to the name ‘Peel Holdings’ ~ sort Barton Bridge our whike you are at it! Before it rots away. Preserve our engineering treasures. Peel are like a boil on the backside of Salford!
    Also note there is no extra provision for services such as GP’s or District nurses in these areas where they ‘throw me up houses at the drop of a hat!
    Huge development at Agecroft ( Cusson’s site ) with no provision for extra healthcare !!

  2. We need greenbelt what about climate change this area is congested enough without more houses which in turn equates to more cars plus a lot more pollution it’s time Salford so called planning department and Peel Holdings considered something more important than MONEY ie peoples health and also saving the planet but there is no profit in that!!!

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