Visitors to Salford Art Gallery and Museum can step back in time to a Victorian-style Christmas courtesy of its special seasonal display.

Programming and events officer Edward Hurst said: “From the 1st of December we will have decorated all of the street. We have this Victorian street called Larkhill Place which you can go around, the whole thing will be decked out.”

A stroll down Larkhill Place is just one of the attractions of the Chapel Street museum which has suffered during the pandemic.

However, staff now hope to rebuild as they open their doors.

Mr Hurst said: “Salford Museum and Art gallery was opened in 1850 on the decision of the people of Salford, they wanted to open a museum, and so they did.

“I think that it’s amazing that there is a space created by people, for people in the area.

“We’re losing a lot of public spaces, and we live in a world now where not everything is open just for members of the public for free. So that’s one of the things the Salford Museum and Gallery tries to do.

“It’s a great way to find out about the past of Salford itself, and the city and the people who lived and worked there.”

photo taken by: Sophia Shaunak

According to a museum demographic article, written by ‘Ubimo’, museums still attract audiences ranging from ages 35-44.

However, they fail to connect with younger age groups, particularly ranging from 18-16.

Mr Hurst saidL “One of the things that is great about the museum is that there is something there for everyone.

“There are people who have lived in Salford all their life, and they come back year after year and see things that they remember from their childhood and then they share it with their children which is lovely.

“If you want to find out more about the local area, it’s a great way to! From around the time the museum opened in the 1800s to contemporary art, it’s just you know a great sort of port of entry to understanding Salford.”

The Christmas event is free and runs from Monday to Friday 9.30am to 3pm, and 11.30am to 3pm on weekends.






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