Salford Cathedral is set to gain a multi-million-pound restoration project starting next March.

The restoration is aiming to revive the iconic structure whilst also making it the most sustainable cathedral in the country.

Father Michael Jones stated that this decision “was not an easy decision to take” as the cathedral will have to close for 18 months while the work is being carried out.

He said: “Closing the Cathedral was not our first preference, but it does mean that we will be able to make the repairs, restore and reorder the Cathedral more quickly, safely, and efficiently.”

The refurbishment also provides a new source of energy for the cathedral to heat and light the building as well as offering long term solutions for draining and roofing issues.

The upgrades coincide with the buildings 175th anniversary in 2023 and although the cathedral is desperate for a restoration, some of the parish members are disappointed with the long-term closure.

The reopening of Salford’s Cathedral is scheduled to take place in December 2024.

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