A new Greek restaurant opened on the 2nd of December on Liverpool Road in Eccles.

The family run business has a Greek inspired menu which they offer both in the restaurant and for delivery.

Claudia Bilska, who works at My Greek Street Food said: “I think its something different in this area.”

The owners at My Greek Street food moved to the UK from Greece 5 years ago but struggled to find Greek food nearby at the time.

Bilska said the closest Greek restaurants were at least couple of hours away.

As both the owners and the current staff all have extensive backgrounds in hospitality, both in Greece and in the UK, their decision to start their own restaurant was an easy one.

Bilska said: “it’s always been my boyfriend’s dream to open a Greek place, so we opened one here in Eccles”.

Local businesses have rallied around the new restaurant, many of whom visited on the first opening day.

Bilska also said the local community have placed lots of online orders and many have eaten in store.

Local people have welcomed the new business to the community and Bilska said they have fit in well in Eccles.

After a successful first week open, the restaurant is planning to hire more staff and Bilska said “who knows maybe we will open a second one, one day.”

My Greek Street Food is open every day from 12pm to 11pm at 494 Liverpool Road M30 7HZ.

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  1. Where can I see the menu

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