On Monday, December 13, a panel of experts from multiple sectors was held to discuss the future of skills and work in Salford.

“We want to take advantage of opportunities but importantly reduce inequalities in the city. This is all about improving the skills and health and wellbeing of Salford residents,” says Salford Mayor Paul Dennett.

The panel discussed the difficulties Salford residents face in the current labour market and what the council and businesses can do to aid those in search of work.

Salford Council Chief Executive, Tom Stannard said: “We have to make adult education fashionable again and to get the government to take that seriously.”

He added: “One of the challenges we do have in Salford is the brain drain risk with young people coming through our education system and then going elsewhere.”

Helen Marshall of the University of Salford discussed the idea of an Institute of Technology for local residents in order to attract industries. “You’ve got to bring the jobs into the district or you end up with an area filled with older people with low-skilled jobs,” she said.

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