Swinton unemployment

Salford City Council has opened a public survey for residents to have their say on how to help revive Swinton town centre over the next ten years.

The council says that despite the demand for local housing growing by 23% in the last five years, there is still a lack of high-quality family and affordable housing in the right locations in Swinton.

The council is planning to use land and properties it owns around that area to develop and modernise the area.

The hope is that bringing more residential areas to the centre will improve traffic and increase employment opportunities.

A specialist has been appointed to develop a distinctive vision for Swinton.

From November 2021 to February 2022, they will engage with the local community stakeholders to help guide the area’s future development in an inclusive way.

You can share your views online by completing the ‘Developing a place story for Swinton’ survey here.

There is also a virtual workshop taking place from 4pm to 5.30pm on Wednesday 15th December that will give residents a chance to share their thoughts – the workshop will take place via Zoom.

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  1. The library is the ugliest and most depressing building I have ever seen and hope it is demolished. Residents want to be uplifted when the enter a precinct , suggest as many green areas as possible, with glass frontage and clean looking building materials that look classy. People resent payment for parking and that is partially contributing to the demise of the high street although I am aware that there is free parking in Swindon . People spend more time in the shops when they’re not worried about the cost parking incurs .

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