A year after a Salford resident completed his one thousand push-up challenge, he is now nil by mouth.

John Edmondson’s health has deteriorated as a result of a degenerative disease called Motor Neurone Disease which affects muscle function.

Mr Edmondson, 62, has been battling the disease for 5 years.

He said: “I realise that I have been very lucky to still be around and have lasted twice the average survival spans. This however doesn’t make me any less ambitious to be around when a successful drug is found.”

In the past year, John and his friend Paul Donegan have rallied support from local MP Rebecca Long-Bailey to help the MND association secure 50 million pounds for research into a cure.

Paul Donegan, 63, said: “This was all collective effort from so many people across the country, but it means so much to people like John who are living with MND that there is now real hope that a cure can be found.

Paul Donegan

“Lots of people working together in small ways can make a massive difference to other people’s lives.”

A portion of the money is said to be used to fund a building solely for MND research.

However, John Is concerned that many of the people living with the disease won’t live to see it built

He thinks research should be done in existing spaces to try to develop promising findings to successful outcomes.

Recent advancements have shown progress in the search for a cure.

Chris James, Director of external affairs at the MND Association, said: “This is a really exciting moment, we think we’re close to a treatment for genetic causes of MND, really close.”

Despite his worsening condition, John is remaining hopeful.

He Said: “I’m still hoping that the £50million plus will speed things up so myself and other people with my condition might see a few more Christmas’s with our friends and family.”

Paul added: “he is struggling more now, but as always, keeps fighting.”






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