With price increases growing faster than ever, people are looking to alternative ways to afford basic needs.

The Salford Community grocery store in Ordsall have scrapped traditional food shopping ways and have introduced a low cost and highly effective scheme to help the community.

Ran by a group of volunteers, Salford Community Grocery are offering a membership option costing only five pounds per year. Which will allow all members to get two weekly shops costing only £3 each.

Image credit: Katherine Dinsdale

The average food shop at Tesco costs £53.30 according to Which? 2020 statistics. Food costs are amongst the many noticeable price increases since the UK voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum.

Theresa John, one of the main volunteers, explained: “It’s not just for someone who’s on universal credit, or employment support allowance. It’s really for those who may have found themselves in a financial struggle like never before.

“We’ve had people come in here from the hospitality sector and the beauty industry that found themselves out of work for the first time ever throughout the pandemic.”

All the products that are sold are past their ‘best before’ dates but are still within the ‘sell by’ date. By receiving these donations from supermarkets such as, Aldi, Tesco and Lidl the Salford community grocery store can offer the low prices.

One customer stated: “There should be more places like this. It just shows you if this place can do it for so cheap, why can’t the supermarkets do it for that price. It’s the same stuff, just in a different place.”

Many well-known brands can be found in store for a fraction of the price, it not only reduces costs but also contributes to eliminating unnecessary food waste.

Salford Community Grocery are consistently getting in new products and looking for ways to develop their shop for the better. More stores like this are popping up across the country, allowing for more people to branch together to tackle the ongoing issues of food waste and price increases.

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