Artist Nicola Fernandes has been given her own “Makers market” pop-up shop in the Quayside shopping mall.

Nicola was first commissioned to paint 15 columns in the shopping centre. With her being a lover of birds, she tried to incorporate them in any way possible.

After doing the columns and the Quayside hearing about her pop up shop in Stockport they offered her some space to do the same. Nicola said:

“I was originally in Stockport and the guys in the Quayside actually liked the concept of artists have a home and a place to sell things so they offered me one of the empty units to sell things”

But, Nicola didn’t set up the shop all by herself:

“I couldn’t fill it myself so I got all my friends, people I knew, people I worked with or currently work with to come and fill.”

One of the artists taking part, Sophie Heywood, has been an illustrator for six years;

“It gives people that opportunity, who normally wouldn’t be able to promote themselves. It has been very valuable.”

The pop-up shop is due to be open until the 24th of December however, Quayside has said they will measure the success of the shop and may extend its future at the outlet.



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