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In this review, Lewis Gray and Ben Fieldhouse discover Burgerism, one of Salford’s most popular burger joints.

Burgerism, based on West Ashton Street, opened in Salford in 2018, offering burgers sourced with local ingredients.

The restaurant has gone on to great success, opening outlets in Manchester, Gatley and now Leeds. It has won awards, having been shortlisted for The Manc’s takeaway champion in 2021 and had the third most ordered meal on Deliveroo in the Manchester region last year.

This year, it has reached the final of the Uber Eats Restaurant of the Year, and recently put up a 70-foot billboard in Piccadilly Gardens.

But is it all it is built up to be? Let’s find out.

Burgerism only offers car pick-up and delivery, and seeing as I don’t own a car, I opted for the delivery.

Heat can be an issue with this food if you choose delivery, as you are dependent on the speed of your driver and the heat retention of an UberEats bag. Luckily for me this wasn’t the case. The food arrived and was warm, a great relief.

I opted for a FreeBird with cheese, some fries and a salted caramel brownie for later. And much like the Lynyrd Skynyrd song of the same name, this was 9 minutes of bliss.

Image by Lewis Gray

Let’s start with the chicken. It was crispy, moist and very well done. The oil it comes with provides the perfect balance of spicy enough to change the flavour, but not quite enough to make it too spicy. The comeback sauce it comes with compliments the texture nicely, creating a very tasty and filling burger.

This, however, comes at the cost of the cheese. As a cheese lover, I was expecting more from the American cheese it comes with. It was coated within the sauce, and completely overpowered by its flavour. I would love it to have choices of other cheeses with the burger, but American cheese is a staple of a classic burger, so it is not a major qualm for me.

The fries are maybe the greatest fries I have had in a takeaway. It certainly rivals the cajun fries from my personal favourite takeaway. Burgerism’s skin-on fries are wonderful. They are seasoned perfectly; they are crispy on the outside and the potato inside is beautifully fluffy. No matter what you get I highly recommend you try these fries.

Image by Lewis Gray

Ben Fieldhouse’s beef burger review:

I got the “cheeesed” burger from Burgerism. I had this as a meal, and it came with a drink and skin-on fries for a total of £11.95.

The packaging was very smart and it’s good to see that almost all of it is recyclable. Nearly £12 was quite steep for a meal but as you can see you do get a lot of chips.

The chips were well-salted and had a good crunch, I would like to see an option to have chips that have been flavoured a bit more with spicier seasonings.

The burger was delicious but was quite heavy, the Burgerism sauce was delicious, I’d like to see them do dipping pots of this sauce for the chips.

Back to my review:

The Salted Caramel brownie is the new edition to Burgerism. It comes in collaboration with ‘Get Baked’, a Leeds-based bakery that went viral over the legality of their sprinkles in an incident dubbed by the press ‘Sprinklegate’

Image by Lewis Gray

It is a good brownie. You can certainly taste the caramel within the brownie. It recommends you have the brownie with ice cream, so I had salted caramel ice cream.

Overall, the meal was £15.95. Whilst the meal may be on the expensive side, it is a great burger and overall, a great food experience.

Rating: 4/5

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