Campaigners are urging residents to back them in their mission to halt the demolition of a heritage asset on a Salford canal near Pendleton.

The Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal Society are fighting plans to remove a bridge parapet and ground stones on the canal.

Canal Trust H20 Urban LLP plans to build 205 apartments in the location of the removed assets which lie between Upper Wharf Street and Oldfield Road.

Salford resident and society trustee Al Franco, however, said the demolition work will ruin the canal’s industrial heritage and pose a threat to public safety.

“In the 60s, chunks of the canal were filled in in Salford,” he said, “the stretch near Upper Wharf Street has never been built on, it’s just been covered by tarmac, so we have every reason to believe the canal infrastructure is still intact.

“If you want to reinstate the canal you need a bridge and you need a wall across that bridge.

“It’s a safety measure, so there’s absolutely no point in destroying that wall, and why destroy a heritage asset anyway?”

The bridge parapet, which has been on the canal since 1894, allowed coal to be transported across Salford at a much faster rate than before, contributing majorly to the industrial development of the city.

The parapet on the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal bridge
Image Credit: Google Earth 

The wall and ground stones also allow Salfordians to take scenic walks along the canal towpath, something which will not be feasible if the destruction goes ahead.

Al said: “The restoration of the canal would be a great asset to Salford – in Salford, it’s largely forgotten about.

“Keeping the wall would mean the chances of it (the canal) being restored are very much improved.

“Restored canals bring a wide range of benefits – they’re a great recreational asset.

“Mums and dads can take their kids for a walk and it doesn’t cost anything and there’s always something going on.”

He also added that the restored canal acts as a flood protection facility and sustainable travel route.

With the destructive work set to commence imminently, the society is encouraging anyone who opposes the plan to email their local MPs and councillors which can be found here.

They can also leave a comment via email to using the quoting reference 23/82372/FUL or via this link to the MBBCS society’s official page.

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