Holiday-loving grandparents from Salford have become accidental overnight TikTok stars after vlogging their experiences on cruises.

Sue and Geoff Vaughan, who live in Worsley, began documenting their high life on the ocean waves to show to their grandchildren.

It was their granddaughter Megan who posted one of their videos on Tik Tok which then went viral, accumulating over ten million views.

Sue, 76, said: “We always do a video to the children to involve them in the holiday and they love them.

“Megan thought this particular one was so sweet that she should share it with other people. So she put it on TikTok and that’s how it started.”

@sueandgeoff Here’s one of our vlogs for you all, this was from a trip in summer and we had the best time ♥️ 🚢 #sueandgeoff #grandparents #vlog ♬ Scott Street (Slowed Down) – Phoebe Bridgers

Since going viral the couple have featured on Good Morning Britain along with Megan, as well as Channel 5 and ITV news. They were also invited to visit the M&S flagship store in London for a Christmas extravaganza.

Taking about the whirlwind experience, Geoff, 83, said: “It was scary to start with, we’re just about getting used to it now.”

Sue added: “It’s fun, we’re doing things that we never would have done, we’ve been invited to things we would never have been invited to.”

@sueandgeoff Catch us on @GoodMorningBritain tomorrow morning where we will be chatting all about our travel adventures ⛴️🤗 #grandparents #vlog #sueandgeoff ♬ home – sped up + reverb – sped up + reverb tazzy & sped up songs & Tazzy

The couple were shocked by the attention the videos received but have welcomed the mass of positive comments.

Geoff said: “We believe by reading the comments that we’re bringing them happiness and joy.
“Every one of them is a fantastic comment.

“We recently had an email or a text or something from a couple of young ladies and it made my wife cry with what they said.”

Some users have even commented that they want the couple to adopt them as their own grandparents and others have commented that they aspire to have a relationship like them when they get to the same age.

Sue added: “They said we’re so wholesome and it warms our heart to think that other people are reacting like that to us, that’s what it’s all about.”

The couple met through a dating agency 23 years ago but then made the discovery that they knew each other from their childhood. They then married in 2021.

Geoff said: “We started talking and realised that Sue was a younger sister of my late wife’s best friend at school.

“Just to cheer everyone up at the end of the pandemic, we got married.”

After retiring, Sue and Geoff embarked on travelling the world together with their first cruise being in the Caribbean, starting in Barbados.

Geoff said: “We walked out onto the quayside and we were totally amazed at the size of this piece of kit we were going to get on”

They have since travelled to various places, with their favourites being the Panama Canal and Eastern Asia cruises.

Geoff looking through pictures from their adventures. Image Credit: Maisy Hall

When asked what they enjoy so much about cruises, Sue said: “I enjoy waking up in a different place every day and seeing so many different places in one holiday.

“Every day is an adventure because you’re somewhere new every day, which is fab.”

Geoff added: “Your accommodation is a five- star hotel with everything casinos, theatres, bars, restaurants, activities all day long.

“It’s a five-star moving hotel where you go to bed at night in one place and you wake up the next morning in another, it’s fantastic”

The couple plan to continue posting Tik Toks to their following of nearly 90,000 people. They plan to document their next cruise to the Mediterranean in March as well as making a Christmas video with all the family.

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