Mowgli stolen pocket bully Salford

The family of a pocket bully in Salford are becoming increasing worried after their “big softie” has gone missing.

The pocket bully, named Mowgli, is a white and light brown coloured pocket bully, and is a beloved member of the Williams household.

Mowgli was last seen near Salford Royal Hospital on October 20 after he escaped through the front door of his house.

He is two and a half years old and the owner has had him since he was just 8 weeks old.

Mowgli’s owner, Phil Williams, describes him as a “big softie” and would “fall asleep with his head on the pillow at night”.

Williams concluded that his dog was stolen because of his breed and states that Mowgli was “definitely targeted.”

“I have looked at lots of ‘lost dog’ pages and seen that more and more bullies are going missing”

The major concern is that Mowgli has been stolen to be sold on, as the breeds are highly valuable.

However, Williams feels the money is irrelevant to him and Mowgli is worth more to him as ‘he is a family member.’

New legislation will commence on February 1 2024, making it a criminal offence to own an XL bully in the UK.

Williams feels the legislation is unjust: “[I] just feels bad about the dogs,” he said.

“It’s not their fault, you get bad dogs like you get bad people, but that’s the fault of the whole breed.

“There’s no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners.”

Below is a map of Mowgli’s last known location a few weeks ago.

If you have any information on Mowgli’s whereabouts, please call Phil Williams on 07539 308493. For more information, or if you need to report your dog as missing click here

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