Salford Croissant

In honour of National Croissant Day, we asked Salfordians what their ideal croissant would look like. 

Grindsmith Coffee Barista, Kat, is a strong believer that a plain croissant with butter is the best combination: “Our warm, buttered croissants are my favourite, especially on a cold winter morning.”

So we tried exactly that- a warm buttered croissant on a cold Winter morning. A great start to my long, hard day of pastry tasting!

Brackmans Bakery, Leicester Road, Salford, M7 4AS

A local pastry lover recommended Brackmans bakery in Broughton. After researching Brackmans, we found out that it’s a Kosher bakery, who make their croissants from scratch.

With a hunger for pastries, we set off to see what all of the hype is about. Our faces dropped as we heard one of the bakers say: “We’ve sold out of croissants!”

Luckily, a regular customer was able to confirm the croissants greatness, rating the Brackmans’ croissant a 10/10:

“Their homemade croissant must be enjoyed warm and smothered with butter!”

Our visit to Brackmans was bittersweet as they had sold out of croissants, however, the bakers knew that national croissant day would be busy and were clearly pleased with their great success.

Brackmans bakery has other sweet treats available

Back in Salford Quays, we met George, 21, who said that his favourite croissant would be cold (I’m not judging) with butter and raspberry jam. His friend Liam, 22, argued: “The only way to celebrate this day would be with a warm buttered croissant with a nice cup of tea.”

Our quest to find the best croissant took us to Pret, where we asked customer, Charlie, how he enjoys his pastry: “I love an almond croissant with a coffee.”

After taste testing Charlie’s recommendation, I’d have to say that this croissant was particularly tasty with its sweet, creamy filling and flaky pastry.

Pret’s Almond Croissant

Nathan, 58, is particularly fond of pastries: “I wasn’t aware of national croissant day but I’d like to celebrate it now. I’d usually prefer to eat my croissant warm with butter and jam.”

“I like to be old-school,” he joked.

To learn more about the history of the baked French treat, click below.

Croissant Quiz

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