The Liberal Democrats’ #CleanUpTheQuays scheme has never “seen so much rubbish cleaned up in the area” in recent times.

The scheme aims to tackle the increasing piles of dumped rubbish in the area.

Local resident Jonathan Moore said, “We usually get 50-60 bags of rubbish which is a great feat but it is disappointing that there is so much rubbish in such a beautiful part of the city”.

They suggested this could be achieved by installing cameras in fly-tipping ‘hot-spot’ areas, enforcing stricter littering penalties and placing more bins along the waterways.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Paul Heilbron said: “Cleaning up the area is our number one priority and in my first 100 days in office will be where most of my energy will be going to.

We are leading from the front organising community litter picks and we have two live petitions that we are going to present to the chamber floor to hopefully bring about change for our area.”

The team have recently published there rolling 6-month community clean up schedule and have never seen as many volunteers attending and have never cleaned up so much rubbish in the area.

Cllr Heilbron went on to say: “We are also campaigning for the installation of cameras in fly tip ‘hot spots’ with a comprehensive policy around what is a hot spot and the use of more stringent fines.

In addition, we are lobbying for more bins across the ward, especially Ordsall Lane as there is a shameful amount in this area. This is just a few ways we are trying to CleanUpTheQuays and we would love your support moving forward to help.

“Now that I am an elected official, I can use my elected powers at the council to bring about fundamental change and get the Quays cleaned up once and for all. I am already getting some political success with CleanUpTheQuays, I have already managed to get officers to walk the ward with me so I can highlight the major problem areas with littering in the Quays.

“I have been able to secure the new instillation of bins in areas along the waterways where there has previously been none, and I have got the council to enforce private developers to do their part to make sure they maintain the areas that they own.

“This is only the beginning!”

CleanUpTheQuays was founded under the leadership of ex Cllr Alex Warren. Cllr Warren got fed up with the amount of litter in the area and the devastating impact it was having on the vast amounts of nature in the Quays.

While most attendees are proactive local residents, the clean-up events have also been attended by community groups United Utilities, Mersey Rivers Trust, Salford Litter Heroes and Salford Hongkongers.

Since September 2023, the newly-elected Liberal Democrat Cllr Paul Heilbron has taken over the reins of the scheme.

The next #CleanUpTheQuays clean up event is on Saturday February 24 at 10am and the meeting place is outside Sainsburys on Harbour City Tram stop.

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