Photo: Colin Slamon Salford 80s music festival

Salford’s own Back to the ’80s music festival is returning this summer with a stacked line-up of tribute acts.

The festival will run from July 13-14 at Buile Hill Park.

The line-up for the festival includes tribute acts for Boy George, Dolly Parton, Bob Marley, Tina Turner and Madonna.

The event started off in Walkden and has since moved to its permanent base in Buile Hill Park, Langworthy.

Colin Slamon and Paul Barnes are the founders and grew up not far from the park.

The two met at the school just over the road from Buile Hill and see Back to the 80s as a ‘passion project’.

Founder, Mr Slamon, said: “We source all our vendors locally, often when you have these kinds of events [the organisers] will get a group that will come together with a block. We don’t do that because I don’t think it’s fair on the sole traders.

“All our refreshments are supplied by our partners at Joseph Holt, which is a Manchester brewery.

“We’re just basically a very localised event, for around 5,000 people.”

Photo: Colin SlamonSalford 80s music festival
Photo: Colin Slamon

The festival also donates a share of its profits to the Wood Street Mission, a charity supporting families on low incomes in Salford

Mr Slamon said: “We do think that you need to do a little something for people and the less fortunate.”

Salford’s ’80s festival attracts people of all ages but particularly music fans who lived through that era.

Slamon added: “We like to come together and have fun, have a laugh and relax with our friends, so, if you can bring back the ’80s when you’re in your 50s then for my era of people, you couldn’t do better.”

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