Bin collections

Bin collections will resume in the Kersal area after they were paused following the discovery of a human torso.

A search of bins in the Kersal area commenced after a human torso was discovered in the Kersal Dale woodlands earlier this month.

However, the search of the Kersal area has now ended today (April 16) and bin collections will begin again tomorrow as normal.

Councillor Andrew Walters announced on X (twitter) that police have given permission for bin services to be resumed. This follows last week’s announcement on the bins by Salford Council’s deputy mayor, John Merry.


Local resident, Maisie Espin, said: “There was a worrying chance that there may be a possibility of further human remains located in our area in the bins.

“The whole community was on edge and as our streets got messier, we are just thankful that we can resume normal life.”

Some residents have argued that the halting of collections has had an affect on the surrounding areas tidiness and hygiene.

Ms Espin continued: “There has been an accumulation of waste which has led to bins overflowing and I personally have noticed more pests in the streets of Salford.”

Ms Espin and other residents although have stated their gratitude that the bin collections will resume.

Residents of Kersal will try to resume normal life after the discovery of remains just a few hundred metres away from their homes.

The remains found have not yet been identified by the police, and no other bodily remains have been found yet.

The murder investigation is still ongoing.

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