Kargo Market at the Quayside held a successful afternoon party dedicated to dogs and their owners on Sunday April 21.

The Food Hall, located in The Lowry Shopping Centre, held a Mad Hatter-themed doggy afternoon tea, followed by a ‘furry friends’ doggy market with local small businesses and traders present.

The afternoon tea event was a success, with all of the dog owners saying they would return when the event next comes to Salford. Local traders also praised the event for the ‘exposure’ it offered them.


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Kenzie Jarvis, head of events at Blend praised the success of the event, saying:

“It was super successful for us and we saw over 150 dogs throughout the day which is exactly what we wanted, we love it when our guests bring their furry friends and pride ourselves on being a venue for everyone, even the pups! We can’t wait for the next one!”

The afternoon tea was attended by more than 15 dogs, and was held by Ruby & Sophia’s dog bakery. The pups were treated to organic, wheat-free treats and included a good tummy-gut-health puppucino.

Danielle Downs, the owner of Ruby and Sophia’s dog bakery, hosts the event all around the country, but it was her first time coming to Salford.

Danielle added: “This event was a success and I would most definitely hold the even here again.

It’s nice to see the dogs interact, it’s got a positive social aspect to it, for those with dogs who don’t meet a lot of people, they get to meet new people and get to talk about the one thing they have in common… dogs!”

The dogs were all sat together which Rebecca Hasselden, owner of 8-year-old Instagram influencer Koda, praised for the positive socialisation aspect.

Rebecca added: “Koda is quite a reactive dog, as he’s quite protective, but at these events he’s quite relaxed because he knows these dogs aren’t out to get him.

“He got attacked on a walk when he was younger so he’s usually quite anxious, but here he’s calm because I’ve been bringing him to events like this since he was a puppy, which helps his anxiety with other dogs. I would come again, as it helps you meet new people, and it’s such an enjoyable experience for my Koda.”

8 year old Koda- taken by me

The furry friends market was held after the afternoon tea and had 10 small business stalls, mainly from companies around Greater Manchester that all sold dog-themed products.

Wednesday, from Middleton, owns Noff and Nana, an eco friendly local business that sells dog bows and other accessories. They plant a tree for every sale made and currently have planted over 700 trees.

Noff & Nana- taken by me

Wednesday added: “I opened in 2020 and recently opened a shop in Affleck’s, but this is my first market and markets like these help local businesses get exposure.

Before I had the shop, I completely relied on Instagram which was a nightmare to get anything seen by anyone, so these markets absolutely add extra exposure.”

Josie and Ben, owners of Pancho the Pooch, who sell insulated dog bottles, came from London to the market, to introduce Salford to their brand:

They said: “It was a great way to get our brand out there and introduce people from Greater Manchester to our products.

“This is our first time in Salford, I love it, it feels very welcoming and it’s a great thing to offer small businesses the exposure at a big event like this because usually small brands don’t get the same exposure. I think when you are just starting, this is how you meet other people.”

Josie & Ben, owners of Pancho The Pooch, taken by me

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