Red Devils Women's

The Salford Red Devils Women’s team has partnered with VX3 apparel to produce tailored shorts to accommodate female athletes.

Marcelle Lock, the women’s team manager at Salford Red Devils, said: “It’s no secret that women’s anatomy is fundamentally different to men, yet for years and years, working in professional sport, myself and many other women have been forced to wear men’s clothing – much of it ill-fitting and not fit for purpose.

“Even items such as jackets in men’s sizing ends up being far too long on the arm and too tight around the hips. It’s uncomfortable and it can look awkward.”

Red Devils Women's
AJ Bell Stadium

VX3, the clubs official kit partner, have supplied the women’s team with black shorts, instead of their usual white shorts, which have been crafted to allow more comfort and to accommodate for women’s needs.

These shorts have been supplied for both home and away trips.

Jon Ellery from VX3 commented: “With the growth of women’s sport, both at grass roots and at a professional level, we at VX3 wanted to ensure we were able to provide kit that was functional, fitted correctly and looks good for our female players.”

Marcelle added: “This is all part of the pathway of women’s rugby.

“These aren’t girls playing a men’s game, nor should they conform to that, these are girls playing rugby league and they deserve to have their own identity as female rugby league players.”

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