A Salford model is hosting her own ‘Calendar Girls’ photoshoot to raise money for charity after being diagnosed with throat cancer.

Jill Oxton was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the last six months and recently went through a major operation.

“These last few months of my life have been traumatising even after I woke up from my surgery. No one should ever go through something like this,” says Jill.

Jill is currently being treated at Salford Royal and as part of her journey she is going to produce Calendar Girls for 2025 to raise funds for patient care in Salford Royal and hopes to donate to other charities.

“I think this is going be empowering for women and cancer survivors and my scars are going to be completely on show” says Jill.

The shoot is taking place in Rishton, Studio 53 in June with various photographic models including Jill and her daughter.

“Modelling is always something that I have gone to when something bad has happened,” Jill said.

The sponsors of the event and the calendar are locally based in Salford with many of them being local business. Family and friends are also supporting Jill’s goals to raise awareness and donations for research and health purposes.

A “Get to know you” night will also be taking place at the end of May where sponsors can meet the models and discuss the themes for each month of the calendar.

Jill added: “It would be a really good day, even if things don’t work out for me it’s something memorable that I have done for myself and for others.”

Jill hopes that more sponsors are able to get involved in the Calendar Girls photoshoot.


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