SACHA Baron Cohen has recently re-introduced himself to UK cinema screens with his new British spy action film ‘Grimsby’ for which he has a starring role. Quays News entertainment reporter Daniel Willis grabbed his popcorn and assumed position to run the rule over the controversial figure’s latest escapade…

In the latest attack by southerners on the ‘grim up north’ working class stereotype, ‘Grimsby’ delivers a perfect comedic performance which shows Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong at their absolute best.

Strong and Cohen play two brothers who were split up from each other when their parents died and were subsequently put up for adoption – since then, dim-witted Nobby (Cohen) and Sebastian (Strong) have taken completely different life paths.

Nobby lives in the small fishing town of Grimsby with his wife and 11 kids AND two grandkids, and spends most of his time down the pub watching England play with his group of equally buffoonish mates.

Grimsby film

Sebastian on the other is the world’s top MI6 secret agent and has been sent on mission to stop philanthropist Rhonda George from being assassinated by a Ukrainian hit man. Nobby finds his brother at the event where the shooting was due to take place – that’s where things go a little haywire for the brothers.

Most impressively, the ranged ability of Sacha Baron Cohen changing from role to role is incredible – since he created Ali G back in 2002, Cohen has gone on to successfully create Borat, Bruno, The Dictator and now Nobby – who once again proved that the south of England just loves to play the North up as the working class, fairly incompetent side of the UK.

If this is the case, then after watching ‘Grimsby’, I’m definitely proud to be northern!

Even ‘Wossy’ liked it – that’s always a good sign!

Apparently Cohen has already riled up another group of ‘haters’  with his latest film – the people of Grimsby. There’s no real surprise here though, as the film without a doubt plays up on the working class nature of the town, and to people all over the world who will see it, will instantly be put off EVER visiting the town – it’s really not good for tourism.

It is worth noting, mind, that much of the film was actually shot in Essex and therefore Grimsby probably isn’t as bad as this motion picture depicts…

As for Mark Strong, his combination with Cohen was pure gold and combined the powerful film combination of humour and seriousness. If you can find the right balance, it makes an absolutely hilarious picture – with the added help of Rebel Wilson as Nobby’s wife, the combination of humour styles in ‘Grimsby’ would be enough to make anyone crack a smile, either in pure disgust or absolute hilarity.

Some scenes may tow the line with more sensitive viewers – however, would it really be a Sacha Baron Cohen film if somebody wasn’t offended by it? His entire film career has been a beautiful car crash of insensitive, derogatory, side-splitting jokes which make Cohen possibly one of the best at his craft – and ‘Grimsby’ will only raise his stock even more.

By Daniel Willis

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