FOLLOWING the huge success of their 2015 tour, The Classic Rock Show returned to the Lowry theatre in Salford last week, with their latest tour The Top 20 Greatest Guitar Riffs of All Time: Part 2. Quays News entertainment reporter Francesca Eagleton went along…

Being the Rock music newbie that I am, I didn’t really know what to expect, but from the moment that the show opened to its closing number, I and the audience certainly weren’t disappointed.

The two and half hour show was filled with an extensive range of instantly recognisable songs, that had rightfully earned their place in the hall of fame of rock music classics, and to my surprise I knew almost every one of them (maybe I’m a secret rock chick at heart).

A set list was carefully picked, so that there was something for every member of the audience – even newbies like me.

The Classic Rock Show at The Lowry, SalfordFeaturing classic rock anthems from bands such as; The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who and Fleetwood Mac to name a few.

The impeccable band, who took the audience on a journey through Rock history, were made up of three guitarists; Wayne Banks, James Cole and Howie G, drummer Karl Penney, supported by very talented vocalists; Emily Jollands, Alex Dee and Ricardo Alfonso who were all note perfect and lead by musical director Steve Parry.

At first it did take a while for the audience to warm up, but once the impeccable vocalist of Ricardo Alfonso, belted AC/DC’s ‘Back to Black’, the crowd were hanging on his every word.

So it was no surprise when he flew through the Queen classic, ‘The Show Must Go On,’ as if it was a piece of a cake, especially after he made his West End debut in the Queen based Show; ‘We Will Rock You’ as lead vocals.

Howie G was also one of the many stars of the night, his low, gruff vocals made him stand out from that of the falsetto of Ricardo Alfonso, but he is also an extremely gifted guitarist. With many songs receiving standing ovations; especially after his full 14-minute rendition of Dire Straits’ ‘Telegraph Road’.

In fact, almost every other song performed throughout the night received a standing ovation, and rightfully so.

The Classic Rock Show at The Lowry, SalfordFrom the range of multi-talented and multicultural musicians, with different style and vocal ranges, every song still stayed true to the original classics, and at times it felt as if you could have been listening to the real band. Especially as at the back of the stage, the design team played the original music videos which perfectly synced with the singing in front.

Combined with the laser show, consistent dancing in the aisles and cheering fans, at times I forgot that I was watching a show in the Lowry and not at a concert at the Manchester Arena.

Overall The Classic Rock show was a night of great entertainment, packed with songs that will surely be stuck in your head for the next week, and have you practicing air guitar in your living room for the next year.

A new experience for me and one I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend.

A sore throat is guaranteed!

By Francesca Eagleton

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