AFTER waiting nearly eight years, Adele has finally kicked her nerves and given her fans what they wanted… a tour! Quays News entertainment reporter Lucy McLane went to the Manchester Arena to see her final evening in the city after four nights…

The time had come for the 21,000 fans eagerly awaiting in the arena. We were all about to finally see Adele, the Grammy winner, Oscar holder, Brit award queen and of course, amazing songstress. The room goes dark and the line ‘Hello’ just echoes around and then she appears, rising from the middle stage and the crowd goes wild.

No warm up act was needed as the audience had been warming up for this moment for a while. Cameras were flashing to get the opening moment and to certainly Snapchat jealous friends that the queen Adele was in front of them.

Our London girl couldn’t disappoint. Some people sat in her audience had paid hundreds of pounds for the hottest ticket of the year so the pressure was on for the arena-shy girl.

After the first songs of ‘Hello’, ‘Hometown Glory’ and ‘One and Only’ had finished, Adele addressed her audience. With her ‘propa’ London accent and foul-mouth it was delight to hear the star gabble on as she is such a private A-lister.

Throughout the duration of the show she invited many people up on to the stage for a hug and a selfie. Young children were her main choice to come up and that made the whole crowd jealous. Of course, that didn’t stop her cheeky swearing and honest truths and this did include telling us what gives her the s****!

She made comments on her slow songs and decided to get her two upbeat songs out the way and then in her words we’ll start to get depressed as the set goes on.

But this was far from it, yes there was crying, I won’t lie, I cried multiple times but the love for the 27-year old was insane. After over eight years of Adele-loving her sad sounds were uplifting to hear and the audience were honoured to be witnessing her journey.

To prove the critics wrong her emotion-filled performance of All I Ask – (the heavily slated Grammy 2016 performance) was flawless like every song.


Moments of humility were what made this show greater. Someone threw a note on stage for Adele to read out. It wasn’t an Adele-appreciation but a cancer survivor wanted to give a shout out to her best friend for helping her out over the years and Adele started to well-up, jokingly saying how she’s got more songs to do and can’t afford to cry.

Adele’s biggest hit, ‘Someone Like You’ was the big one that night, it was our turn to sing. Normally you shout lyrics when at a concert but the way the crowd sung along to the hit was like everyone was going for it in their best falsettos and altos, showcasing the Adele passion.


The two hours went by too quickly and when her last song of the popular ‘Rolling In The Deep’ finished the applause was ongoing, a verification by all that we were given a spectacular night.

I hate giving out the perfect score on a review but Adele deserves it for giving us flawless vocals, a laugh and a good old chat. Adele is born for these arena stages and we hope she will return.

By Lucy McLane

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