AT Sound Control in central Manchester last Saturday the rising indie band The Hunna amazed the crowd with a selection of cover songs, their popular singles and also some of their upcoming hits in their new album ‘You&Me’ due to be released at the beginning of August. Quays News entertainment reporter Jessica Fox went along…

The audience were let into the venue at 7:30pm and before the The Hunna performed there was a support act on for an hour leading up to them. This was by the singer Huntar, his style of music is R&B and drum and base, which provided the audience with a surprising twist on the indie rock genre they had come to watch.

Huntar really engaged with the audience and showed a high level of performance. He got everyone in the mood to dance and sing by giving the audience signature moves to do whilst everyone sang along to songs they knew by different artists he was covering. He was a really energetic artist and promoted himself to the max. At the end of the performance he entered the crowd handing out free CD’s with some of his music and covers on! After listening to Hunter sing everyone was surrounding him to try and get as many CD’s as they could.

The Hunna introduced themselves to the nation last October with the single debut ‘Bonfire’. This is when fans of indie rock found the band and then struck them with thousands of views on YouTube, Spotify and many more music sharing websites and app’s, as well as giving them a huge amount of popularity over social media.

Travelling up and down the country on tour they finally arrived in Manchester, also known among teenagers and young adults as ‘indie central’ with some of the worlds biggest indie influenced bands originating from the city.

The Hunna 1

The intimate venue was filled with crazy fans that were shouting and screaming as soon they came on stage. People who attended the gig, got a special preview to a single on the new upcoming album ‘You&Me’ called ‘Hunna Tree’ they explain before beginning the song that it is very personal to the band and the song really takes them back to where they all began.

The crowd was made up of a range of ages but it was amazing to see everyone come together to share their love for music, providing pure energy and positivity throughout the whole gig.

When the band were on stage they really did show how close they all are as friends and they did this by showing the audience they were having so much fun on stage performing with one and other.

This again highlights how personal the songs are to the band. The crowd waited patiently for the well-known single ‘She’s Casual’ to be sang and as soon as the crowd heard the instrumental the atmosphere was electric, with everyone singing along to the whole song and really expressing all their energy and love towards the hit single and to the band.

The Hunna

After hitting the ‘indie city’ with a bang The Hunna became the talk of the crowd among the music lovers of Manchester.

After the amazing put together gig, the fans had the opportunity to go and meet the band and have a t-shirt signed, this gave people the opportunity to meet the upcoming indie band of our time and take a ‘selfie’ with them whilst receiving their own signed t-shirt.

After the astonishing turn out at Sound Control the band are back at the Dot to Dot Festival in Manchester bringing a range of their music to the city once again! Tickets are still available to purchase on ticket websites, the festival will take place on the May 27 and will give the public the chance to once again see the The Hunna do what they do best.

By Jessica Fox

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