MORE than a third of people who go missing each year in the UK are repeat incidents, delegates at an event in London have been told.

At the ‘Returned Missing Adults’ conference, which brought together police, charity sector and academic professionals, delegates were also told how more than 300,000 people disappear annually.

The event took place at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) to prompt professionals to the thinking that intervention at the moment someone returns could be the difference in them leaving again.

It was organised by Professor Hester Parr from Glasgow University and national charity, Missing People in conjunction with the Economic and Social Research Council and in association with an award for ‘Outstanding Impact on Society’.

Follow the day as it happened with a recap of the live blog below. Use the scroll bar at the side to see the updates.

Live Blog Returning Missing Adults: an opportunity for learning, intervention and prevention

If you are considering leaving and would like to talk to someone in confidence, or you are a family member or friend that needs support, you can call Missing People for free on 116 000 or email them at

By Siobhan Maguire

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