THIS weekend, Manchester will welcome Pilot Light, a brand new festival celebrating all things television – past, present and future.

The event, which will shine a spotlight on both the classic and contemporary, will treat attendees to exclusive screenings, the chance to meet the cast and creators and panels featuring the writers, producers, directors and actors behind the most exciting shows.

WATCH: Official Pilot Light TV Festival trailer

The Walking Dead, Hoff The Record and Snuff Box are just some of the series featured.

Although the festival will take the same structure as an independent film festival, the event is an opportunity for fans and creators to discuss their favourite shows in a vibrant environment, with a chance to watch some of the most exciting new content from around the globe.

Director of the festival, ex- University of Salford student Greg Walker, regards Pilot Light as a way of enjoying the communal aspect of TV.

“I want people to realise that TV can be a communal thing. A lot of people talk about TV constantly on social media but everyone watches it on their own. It’s a really cool experience of watching TV together. I want people to come away thinking ‘I should do that more often’.”

The season two premier of ‘Hoff The Record’ and a Q and A with the cast will kick of the festival at Media City tonight (April 6).

Tickets for the festival can be brought on the festival’s official website.

By Natalie Rees

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