OPENING up Dot to Dot festival in Manchester this Friday is Jordan Allen. Our entertainment reporter, Abi White, chatted to the band about their upcoming performance…

Performing under the name of their front man, the young band have already been compared to the likes of Arctic Monkeys, with vibes running through their songs similar to that of the strokes. However, since their fresh new band set up at the beginning of 2016, it won’t be long before the band leaves the comparisons behind and rocket into their own direction this year.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever played Dot to Dot,” front man, Jordan commented. “We’re pretty buzzing really because as a kid my mates used to go all the time. I was pretty made up with it!”

Opening the festival on the first date of the three-stop touring festival has its pressures, but the band certainly seem extremely excited and well rehearsed for their set.

“We’re opening the festival so there’s no one really clashing with us. It’s ideal really because if people are down there they can come and see us – it’s gonna be a good one!”

Since the start of the year, the band has progressed brilliantly.

“I’ve been an acoustic artist around Manchester for about five years now,” Jordan commented. “But since around Christmas with the new band set-up it’s been crazy. We’ve got a new bassist and drummer and we’ve had a lot going on, like supporting The Magic Gang, performing a sold out show at the Live Rooms in Manchester, which was amazing, and playing Great Escape festival in Brighton last week.”

The band certainly has a promising and exciting year ahead with the reactions they have already received during their shows since the most recent band set-up.

“It seems like the last five or six gigs have really blown up, and since we put ‘Helter Skelter’ up, it’s all gone a bit mad really.”

Talking about crowds at The Magic Gang’s gig and their set at Great Escape, Jordan explained: “The Magic Gang was quality, it was the maddest thing. We were on first and didn’t expect that many people would be there. It was unbelievable, pretty mega really. Great Escape was amazing too. There were around 200 people there who were all new fans, it was crazy!”

With a new single also being released on the morning of the festival, Jordan describes the band’s new single and the upcoming songs from the band to be “a big departure from the old stuff”.

“As nice as it is to be compared to other bands, we wanna kick on and make our own sound now. We want bands to get compared to us, that’s the dream really…”

The four-piece outfit, Jordan Allen are certainly a young band to keep an eye out for, and can be caught at The Castle Hotel at 3pm on May 27 at Dot to Dot festival – Manchester.

By Abi White

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