HAVING supported Lukas Graham during their recent show at The Ritz in Manchester, Grace is ready to showcase her talents again at Parklife festival this weekend. Quays News entertainment reporter Samantha Rooke caught up with her recently as part of our countdown series…

Nineteen-year-old Australian singer Grace Sewell, better known as Grace has recently been on tour with Lukas Graham with shows in London and Birmingham already been, The Ritz in Manchester was their last stop.

“Today is the last show. It was just three days but it has been good, it’s cool. This is my favourite size room, stadiums are good but you are so far away from everyone. Under a 1000 is a good amount of people”.

After recently releasing her single ‘Hell of a Girl’ she also revealed that her new album comes out July 1.

“I have been working for what feels like a almost year on my album, in the studio every day, its been my complete focus just trying to get this record done,” the singer commented. “I think there is some really good stuff on it and it’s definitely a great representation of me and the kind of artist I want to be.”

After talking about her popular song ‘You Don’t Own Me‘ featuring G-Eazy, a cover version of the original 1963 song by Lesley Gore, she explained how it actually came about and how “crazy” it was.

Apparently it was Quincy Jones’ idea after he heard her voice through her management.

“He had been wanting to make the record for a while but I guess hadn’t found the right person and the right voice,” she explained. “We went into it blindly.

“I had a lot of respect for Lesley. She was an incredible woman and had an amazing journey and I think it was very bold of a 17-year-old girl to come out in the middle of the feminists movement to sing a song like ‘You don’t own me’, its an incredible story,” expressed Grace.

Even though the new version of the track promotes the same female empowerment messages as the old version did, Grace however made the track very different and added a current element to it as rapper G-Eazy featured on the track adding “a hip-hop element to what was a do up 60s track”. Opening up a whole new audience.

“Its got a cool rapper on it and the lyrics are so relevant to us today, as young people we are super opinionated and its important for young females especially to know you can’t be objectified,” the singer commented.

After talking about her inspirations to her singing career she explained that music and creativity has always been in her family since her family are all into music including her brother, Conrad Sewell, who is also in the industry. So she explained “it seemed natural for me to go into something creative”.

It was clear that Grace has a huge passion for music after commenting, “I starting writing when I was like 10. It has been the only thing I ever cared about and pursue”.

Grace has a busy summer ahead after revealing she has numerous festivals coming up such as “Glastonbury and Parklife” – which she is excited about since “it’s always a sick energy when it’s that many people that come to have a good time and celebrate music”.

Even though she has played at numerous festivals she hasn’t done too many where its her own set so she feels that “Glastonbury is going to be crazy”. Grace then explained that she has never actually been in the crowd of a festival and it’s something she would like to experience in the future.

Apart from festivals the singer explained that since her album is coming out in summer she will be doing a lot of work for that and “hopefully doing a lot of promo round that”.

Grace is certainly going to do well after already having such a successful year she is definitely one to watch.

By Sam Rooke

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