BRITAIN’S favourite mentalist and illusionist Derren Brown brought his latest stage show Miracle to The Lowry in Salford on Monday night (June 6). Quays News entertainment reporter Emily Murray was there on the opening night for us…

Firstly, this review will contain no spoilers or any hints to what you can expect from Derren Brown’s latest stage show.

Not only have I been sworn to secrecy by the man himself but spoiling it would only ruin your experience.

Like with all of Brown’s shows the less you know before entering the theatre the better your overall experience will be.

And, oh, what a time you will have!

It is rare to come across an entertainer that always puts on a stunning show but Brown is a man who never fails to deliver.

His wit, intelligence and charisma makes him the perfect showman and so from minute one the whole audience are drawn into him and completely under his control, hooked onto every single one of his words.

People were expecting to have their minds blown and Brown’s combination of illusion, magic and psychology meant that they got what they came for.

Every trick was delivered perfectly with a flourish and of course the best was saved until last to ensure that the audience left the theatre completely gobsmacked.

It is no wonder that Brown received a standing ovation from all.

Some people will always be cynical about an illusionist but Brown’s random selection of volunteers, picked by throwing a frisbee into the crowd, proves that there were certainly no stooges here.

I myself was picked out from the crowd to take part in the show and the stunt that was done to me left me more perplexed than ever.

Brown pushes the boundaries with his tricks that are completely inexplicable, but that is what makes the show so fantastic.

His interactions with the audience will make you laugh, his wisdom gives you plenty to ponder and his tricks will leave you stunned.

Trust me when I say that Brown’s shows are like nothing you have ever, ever seen before.

I cannot recommend seeing him live enough.

It is simply ‘miraculous’…

By Emily Murray

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